Bully: Someone Made a trailer for Rockstar’s Unreal Engine 5 Remake That We’ll Never Get


Fans have been demanding a remake of Rockstar Bully for years, and now, finally, a trailer has appeared. The catch? This is a fan project, and you will never be able to play it.

The trailer is taken from TeaserPlay on YouTube and shows Jimmy Hopkins at Bulworth Academy in a way we’ve never seen him before.

The guys from TeaserPlay used Unreal Engine 5 to create the trailer. They used features like Lumen, Nanite, Ray Tracing and Metahuman to create the face of Jimmy Hopkins and Dr. Crabblesnitch. They wanted to make a trailer because it’s “a great nostalgic game that we need in a new generation of graphics right now.”

Jimmy saw Jimmy skateboarding through overgrown streets, walking through sun-drenched corridors, and Dr. Crabblesnitch yelling at him in great high resolution (albeit with a decidedly less impressive facial animation). TeaserPlay also released a parallel comparison video showing what their remake looks like compared to the 2006 original.

Bully follows Jimmy Hopkins, who rises through the ranks at the pretentious Bulworth Academy. It was a great success with critics and commercial success, and in 2012, the composer Bully seemed to confirm the sequel, but it was never realized.

A few years later, Take-Two registered a new Bully trademark in Europe, and the lead screenwriter of Grand Theft Auto 5 even expressed interest in continuing. Unfortunately, nothing came of it. However, earlier this year, former developers from Rockstar shared details about the canceled sequel.

Casey is a freelance writer for IGN. You can usually find him talking about JRPG on Twitter at @caseydavidmt.


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