Bullet Train’s Aaron Taylor-Johnson Says Brad Pitt’s Costar Has a “blacklist” of Actors He Won’t Work With Anymore


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Revealing secrets! Aaron Taylor-Johnson couldn’t help but enjoy working with Brad Pitt on the new film “High—Speed Train” – and he hopes not to get on the actor’s “blacklist”.

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“I think he’s in a new chapter of his life,” the 32—year-old British native said of Pitt, 58, during the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland earlier this month, according to Variety.

Taylor-Johnson praised the Oscar winner for being “humble and gracious” to her fellow cast members during the filming of the action comedy, which also starred Sandra Bullock, Joey King and Brian Tyree Henry. “He just wants to bring light and joy to the world and be around people who want to have a good time,” the “Boy from Nowhere” actor added. “You work with many actors and after a while you start taking notes: “I will definitely never work with this person again.” Brad has this list too: a list of “good” and a list of “dirty”.

“Bullet Train” was directed by Pitt’s former understudy David Leitch and boasts a stellar roster of stars, and Taylor-Johnson isn’t the only one who enjoyed learning from the “Fight Club” actor. During an interview with Comic Book before the premiere of the film, 40-year-old Henry reflected on the confrontation with Pitt in a funny movie.


“It’s really—let me tell you, something incredibly distracting [is] Brad Pitt’s hair,” the Atlanta star joked. “It’s really annoying. For example, in the very last part of the movie, where we are together in a train carriage, and, you know, Aaron’s character broke the glass, we have to drive at 200-plus miles per hour, and this is a fan that is just perfect for Brad Pitt, and so I will literally forget some of my lines, because That I’m so busy getting lost in this blonde beautiful hair.”

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The Emmy nominee continued, “He’s so good at managing his hair that, like, he knew exactly when to whip it, and that made me want to punch him in the face even more.”

Pitt, for his part, told Complex that working with such a diverse group of actors ready to take on the challenge was “a joy.” “I’ll be sincere about it,” he teased during a joint interview with Henry and the Kick—Ass star. “I mean, I have a lot of respect for everyone who signed up for this. Aaron was one of the first. We saw his record and said, “Oh, we’re ready. We got this. This thing will work.” I do not know, there was so much levity. It was so nice to be among people. … Everyone held on to themselves.”

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In addition to promoting his latest project, the Golden Globe winner found himself in the spotlight due to ongoing legal battles with the former Angelina Jolie. The former couple split up in 2016 after two years of marriage and were embroiled in a lengthy custody battle, despite being granted official bachelor status in 2019. Pitt and Jolie, 47, share children Maddox, 20, Pax, 18, Zahara, 17, Shiloh, 16, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 14.

Colleagues in the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” also have disagreements over the ownership of the Chateau Miraval winery. Among the back-and—forth audience, Pitt does his best to stay positive-and moves on to his next chapter.

“He’s dating and having fun,” a source told Us Weekly earlier this month. “He surrounds himself with a small group of trusted friends and family and tries to take breaks whenever possible. …Brad keeps his personal life very confidential between himself and those he meets, especially if it’s by chance. But when it’s serious, the people closest to him will find out.”

Bullet Train is already in cinemas.


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