Bull: The real Michael Weatherly behind-the-scenes scandal that ruined the series


Bull, the lawyer series that premiered on the CBS broadcast network in 2016, has been on the air all this time, but will come to a conclusion after the last episode of season 6 airs. legal, will be coming to an end after its main character, Michael Weatherly decided to leave his role as Dr. Jason Bull.

Michael Wratherly, also known for playing Special Agent Tony DiNozzo on the CBS crime drama NCIS from seasons one through thirteen, issued a statement via Twitter Tuesday night thanking the team. and his fellow Bull castmates for sharing six installments together on the set.

In his statement, Weatherly admitted that he is leaving the series to pursue his family, other creative challenges as well as other projects, which he did not specify. Subsequently, the CBS network confirmed the cancellation of the series after its sixth season, a sufficient amount of time to consolidate a significant fan base.

The truth is that for some time there had been talk of the cancellation of Bull. The series was punctuated by numerous controversies throughout his career and one of them was related to a sexual scandal involving its protagonist, the interpreter of Jason Bull, Michael Weatherly, and his co-star of the series Eliza Dushku.

Recall that Eliza Dushku appeared on the CBS series as J.P. Nunnelly, a smart boss of New York’s most successful law firm, and Jason Bull’s rival. Her arc was three episodes long and the character was expected to return for the second installment of Weatherly’s legal drama. However, this did not happen for a reason.

It turns out that it was on December 13, 2018, when it was revealed through The New York that Eliza Dushku received the amount of 9.5 million dollars from the CBS network, so that she apparently kept silent after her abrupt departure. of Bull. The actress then alleged that she was fired from her after complaining about the lewd comments Weatherly made towards her. The actor apologized to Nunnelly’s interpreter for the inconvenience caused, while assuring that he had nothing to do with his departure from the series.

A few days later, Dushku broke her silence in a lengthy opinion piece in the Boston Globe, in which she called her experience at Bull one of the cruelest and most aggressive humiliations I have ever experienced. The series was on the verge of being cancelled, but the head of CBS backed the network’s decision to bring the show back on the air.