Bulgur shock to the PS5 ordering user!


Many players living in the UK bought PlayStation 5 via Amazon. Their cargo also reached them, but the bitter truth came out of the box. Yes, another incident that we know only happens in our country has happened abroad. Bulgur for rice came out of the PS5 box.

PS5 ordered, out of the box bulgur for rice!

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have been released, but interesting events never stop. Players in England, who preferred PlayStation 5 between the two consoles, experienced the shock of their lives.

Players who bought the new generation PS5 console via Amazon received their orders without any problems. Those who opened the box with great excitement encountered a great shock. According to the report of Eurogamer, bulgur for pilaf came out of the box, not PS5.

The interesting things out of the box are not limited to bulgur. In the event, which was on the agenda on Twitter and Reddit, different products such as pet food, foot massager, NERF toy gun came out of the box. Another aspect of the job was that the boxes contained an ordinary tape instead of an Amazon tape.

ps5 pilavlık bulgur

This interesting event made an official statement to Eurogamer the Amazon after the succession. This person stated that this incident did not occur in a small part of the orders, and that they mainly did research to understand what happened. Also asking customers to wait 48 hours for their correct orders to be delivered, Amazon official also announced that various gifts will be offered to the victims.


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