Build the future in communication with Microsoft Mesh


With its new platform named Microsoft Mesh, it aims to bring people together by taking advantage of augmented reality and high speed internet connection. Stating that even people on different continents can feel as if they are in the same environment, Microsoft underlines that real-time interactions can be established in the digital environment. The software giant also provided information on Mesh compatible applications that ca,n run on any platform or device.

The promotional video prepared by Microsoft provides an insight into the vision the company has created for Mesh. Setting goals for both the near future and the more distant future, Microsoft also seems to have some crazy ideas. However, it will move towards easier targets in the first place.

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamic 365 integration will be available from the first moment in Microsoft Mesh. It is stated that, thanks to the integration with these two platforms, business partners can create different and exciting experiences on Mesh.

“It’s fun to have daydreams about what might happen in the future for now,” said Frank X. Shaw, Microsoft’s senior vice president of communications. The fact that an augmented or virtual reality headset is not needed for the system to work makes things a little more interesting.


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