‘Build your BBB quarantine version’: how to use template in Instagram Stories


“Assemble your BBB quarantine version” is a template that has been successful on Instagram Stories. The game was created by digital influencer Raphaella Vieira and consists of tagging your friends in different activities and types of players in reference to Big Brother Brasil 2020. For example, it is possible to choose someone as “manipulator”, “strategist”, “just sleeps” , “villain”, among others. In addition, there are suggestions for nominations of the angel, game of discord and indicate which will be the first placed on the reality show.

To join the game, you need to access the profile of the influencer @raphaellavieira and make prints of all the images to then use them as posts for the Stories. The challenge is a way to get distracted during the coronavirus quarantine, which has forced people to stay at home. The procedure was done using an iPhone XR, but the steps are the same for Android smartphone users. Check out how to download the template and join the “My BBB quarantine version” game on Instagram with your friends.

Step 1. Open Instagram on the search page and enter the following username “@raphaellavieira”;

Step 2. In the influencer profile, tap on the “Template BBB” highlight and the images will appear. Make a print to save the images to your mobile media library. A suggestion is to touch the screen when making the capture so that the profile of the influencer does not appear;

Step 3. Make screenshots with suggested profiles of people in the confinement and the theme of the discord game;

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Step 4. The theme also offers options from the reality show like who you give the angel to. Make the prints and go to the Instagram home page;

Step 5. Tap the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen. With the Stories camera open, drag your finger from bottom to top to view the cell phone library;


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