Bugsnax, PS Plus game in November


Young Horses premieres the launch trailer for Bugsnax, its new title. It will be a part of PS Plus for PS5 from November 12 to January 4.

Young Horses publishes the launch trailer for their new work: Bugsnax. The colorful title shows part of the environments that we can visit on the island. As we solve puzzles by interacting with the scene, more neighbors will join the village.

John Murphy, gameplay designer of the game, states on the PlayStation Blog that they have been developing the game for the last 6 years, and that for most of that time they were silent. “It’s surreal not only that our game is on the market in a few weeks, but that hundreds of players will be able to enjoy it from day one on PS5. It has been an incredible journey, ”he says. In addition to the new generation of Sony, it will come to PS4 and PC.

During the game you must use a lot of devices with which to catch all the Bugsnax available on Snaktooth Island. You will have to know the behavior of these creatures and fill in an encyclopedia (the Bugapedia), where your observations will appear and it will show what elements you must do to hunt certain species. The designer puts several examples on the table, such as the use of a gadget to launch a trap into the air, or the possibility of cooling a burning creature and being able to tie it.

Bugsnax will be part of the game selection for the month of November on PS Plus. It will be available from November 12 to January 4. In this way it becomes the first title in the PS5 catalog to be offered within the subscription.

PlayStation 5 will arrive in Spain on November 19. In the event that you are a PS VR user and want to jump to the new console, you can find out how to request your free adapter here. We already know his first images thanks to Shuhei Yoshida.


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