Buggy Spotify? It’s not just you! Users report problems


Spotify users are reporting, over the past few days, difficulties while using the music streaming platform. According to the complaints, the errors occur both in the web version and in the mobile application and include sudden interruptions in the playback of tracks and exchange of music without the user’s command.

According to the website Downdetector, which gathers information about bugs in web services, “there are no current problems with Spotify”. Although the positive report indicates that the service has not dropped, some comments point to something different. On Sunday (28), a user published: “It doesn’t play any music, the website / app / program even opens, but it doesn’t play (it appears to be on all platforms)”.

Another complaint, posted on the same day, describes: “Apparently, Insta stories shared from Spotify are also buggy, it simply does not take action, as it is no longer the first time, we just have to wait for the correction”. The error was also reported by another user in the same week, but there does not appear to be a generalized flaw happening simultaneously for all listeners. Even so, the reports are not negligible.

Other errors reported

In addition to the flaws already mentioned, users also described that the platform reacts only on the second command to play a song. Other reports indicate that the music is muted, although it appears to be “playing” normally on the platform. This last bug was even related by users to the exchange of the internet network – for example, from 3G / 4G to Wi-Fi.

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It is worth noting that, in some cases, such problems have persisted for weeks; in others, only in the last days. In our reviews, we confirmed that bugs do not affect all users. However, we have not been successful in identifying a cause.

Web version update

Initially, we considered that the problem could be related to the new update recently released for Windows 10, macOS and the web. The novelty, which went public on March 25, introduced new features and brought the versions of the standard adopted on the cell phone closer.


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