Bugatti Designed Clock That Makes You Say ‘I’ll Buy A Car For That Money’


The companies Jacob & Co and Bugatti collaborated to reveal the Twin Turbo Furious 300+ watch. The watch was inspired by the fastest sports car Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+. However, it should be noted that its most striking feature is its stunning price.

Famous for their high-end watches, the watchmaker Jacob & Co reunited with sports car manufacturer Bugatti. The purpose of their gathering this time was to put an incredible clock in the middle. This wristwatch called Twin Turbo Furious 300+ was created inspired by the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ supercar.

Designed on the foundations of the previous Twin Turbo Furious wristwatch, this watch looks like a very high quality construction with its design and durability. In the past years, the Bugiatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ had its name in the record book as the fastest car ever produced in the world. The record-breaking super car, with its speed of 490 km / h, has engraved its name into treasures.

Twin Turbo Furious 300+ was designed inspired by Bugatti Veyron Chiron

The case of the Twin Turbo Furious 300+ was designed as carbon fiber inspired by Chiron. It looks like 57mm titanium and black sapphire casing has been added with ‘fast’ ribbon details. Anti-reflection sapphire crystals are used on the front and back of the watch. The inside of this million lira watch is specially designed to reduce the effects of gravity. Twin Turbo Furious 300+, which is one of the watch types established by waving your hand, contains 832 parts. The clock operates at a frequency of 21,600 vbh (30 Hz) and has a 500-hour power reserve.

The watch, which draws attention with its lip-flying price, has a feature other than the minute and hour display. The chronograph integrated into the watch offers you a decimal minute repeater feature. This feature, which has a unique button, not only is difficult to design but also gives you minutes and has a mechanical protection for safety.

The price of a limited edition Twin Turbo Furious 300+ is $ 580,000.


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