Bug That Creates Empty Folders Comes To Windows 11


Windows 11: A weird and seemingly harmless bug that bothered some Windows 10 users was also observed in Windows 11. Released on the WinFuture website this Monday (1), the problem causes the system to create empty folders, usually starting with a title that contains “tw” and with “.tmp” extensions at the end.

In June, Blog City had publicized the flaw in the previous version of Microsoft’s operating system. Now, in Windows 11, the thousands of folders, all empty, are back and, although they don’t cause any kind of damage, they end up “flooding” some PCs. to C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local.

What causes the system to start creating empty folders?

According to experts, it is possible that an application called ProvTool.exe is responsible for the occurrence of the bug. It is a provisioning package runtime processing tool, a configuration settings container with the .ppkg extension.

Although it is technically possible to disable ProvTool, this should not be done, as it is an operating system file and is therefore essential for the proper functioning of Windows. Removal could cause a system crash or even the corruption of other files, according to Microssoft.

So, since empty folders are seemingly harmless, one alternative is simply to ignore the problem. Another option would be to delete the folders, although the system will likely create new ones when you log in again. It may be that, with the publicity now given to the matter, the Redmond company will decide to take action.