Bug on iOS 14 leaves Instagram Stories with black screen


This week, Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 14, a new version of the mobile operating system, to iPhones. Aimed at developers and with a public beta version, it is not recommended to update now due to bugs. The latest discovery prevents users from posting to Instagram Stories.

In forums and social networks, users share experiences of non-functioning. The bug is described as follows: when trying to publish something in Stories, either from the gallery or a photo taken on the spot, the application displays a black screen.

It was also identified that not all users of iOS 14 beta 5 have experienced the same bug. However, during our tests at TecMundo we managed to reproduce the problem:

Bugs in beta versions of operating systems are common, so it is not recommended to install updates of this type on mobile phones and devices for personal use. If curiosity is greater, in fact, installing a public beta version of iOS is quite easy.

What is the solution?

It is not so simple to bet when a definitive fix will be released. That’s why developers have a job to optimize their applications for the new OS versions.

In the case of this specific bug, Instagram itself has tools that can “circumvent” the problem and continue publishing in Stories. Published by youtuber Adrián Lahoz, the “hack” of publishing photos can be done as follows:

you need to open the Instagram app and access the Stories area

take a random photo, which will be superimposed after

choose the ‘stickers’ tool and select a photo from the gallery or taken on the spot

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enlarge the image to cover the previous photo, filling the screen


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