Bug in iPhone 12 Pro Max affects multiple charging


IPhone 12 Pro Max is experiencing charging problems when connected to adapters with more than one input. The case was reported by a Chinese user on a blog, where he says his tests confirmed the error. The news is the latest in a series of problems with Apple’s new device, which include disappearing signals, notifications and even its screen turning green for a few minutes.

According to the user, if a device connected to an adapter with multiple inputs is disconnected while charging the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, it will interrupt its charging – being necessary to disconnect and reconnect the Apple device to continue.

To work around the problem, it is suggested that you use individual adapters or pay attention when disconnecting another device to an adapter with multiple inputs. Although tests report the problem in the most powerful version, it should extend to the entire line.

Fortunately, the error has been recognized by some charger manufacturers and is expected to be fixed soon in new product versions. Apple, however, has yet to comment on the case or a possible solution.

The new iPhone line hits Brazilian stores this Friday (20th) with prices starting at R $ 6,999.

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