Bug Causes Samsung Galaxy A And Galaxy M Phones To Reset By Themselves


Galaxy: Some phone owners of Samsung’s Galaxy A and Galaxy M lines are having to deal with a mysterious bug that crashes the phone and automatically restarts it. According to news published by SamMobile on Sunday (19), the problem has been mentioned by users on online forums in India.

According to the complaints, the cell phone screen often freezes suddenly, making it impossible to take any action. Afterwards, the device is restarted, but there are cases where it locks up in a bootloop, and it is not possible to go beyond the brand logo.

Comments indicate that crashes and automatic restarts have been taking place for a few months, in certain cases, making it difficult to use the phone. Another detail mentioned is that the manufacturer has not yet positioned itself on the cause of the bug.

On Samsung’s official forums in the country, the problematic models cited by internet users are Galaxy A50, Galaxy A50s, Galaxy A51, Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M31 and Galaxy M31s. As there are no similar reports in other countries so far, the possibility is that the failure is limited to a batch of cell phones sold in the Indian market.


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