Bug: cars from other brands use Tesla chargers for free


Tesla’s Supercharger charging stations are apparently experiencing a software failure at units in Europe. Car owners of other automakers are managing to recharge their electric vehicles in these places without paying anything.

The possible bug was found on some of the Supercharger V3 stations, which use the CCS connector standard. The moment the plug is connected to the vehicle, it matches the driver’s login and Tesla account, which also allows payment to be made. This whole step does not seem to work with vehicles from other companies, which allows free recharge.

There are already videos on YouTube of drivers and car rental companies using the stations to load models like Volkswagen ID3 and Porsche Taycan. Apparently, this only happens with the recently installed V3 Superchargers.

What happened?

According to the Electrek website, it is possible that this is a software flaw that should soon be corrected by Tesla. This may also be some kind of test to allow stations to use cars from other automakers, but this hypothesis is considered much less likely. So far, the automaker has not commented on this.


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