Buffy’s Vet Emma Caulfield Ford on How She Looks at the Show After Joss Whedon’s Negative Reaction


Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of those television shows that left such a mark that, in fact, everyone who was a major part of it is best known by the time they were in it. This certainly applies to Emma Caulfield, who played the demon Anya in the series. In recent years, the brilliance of the series has faded after allegations of mistreatment of its creator Joss Whedon, but it seems that the situation has not affected Caulfield’s opinion about the series.

Emma Caulfield, who most recently appeared in WandaVision and will reprise her role in the upcoming Agatha: The Coven of Chaos, recently spoke to Vanity Fair on various topics, including her revelation that she is struggling with multiple sclerosis. She was asked about her current feelings for Buffy, she said that in fact they are not. She sees the show simply as a good job that helped her career. Caulfield explains…

Over the past few years, there have been numerous allegations against screenwriter and director Joss Whedon, which date back to the time when he worked on Buffy. Actors such as Charisma Carpenter have spoken about the abuse she says she experienced firsthand. Several other Buffy stars, such as Caulfield, did not confirm the details, but also did not come to Whedon’s defense. While Whedon denies all the allegations, Caulfield does say here that she was one of those who knew at the time about what was allegedly going on. Whedon was also accused by Ray Fisher of abuse on the set of Justice League.

While these allegations made public may conceivably tarnish Emma Caulfield’s view of her time on Buffy, the fact that she says here that she always thought it was just a good job probably prevents her from feeling too strongly. When asked if Whedon’s accusations complicate her view of the series, she replied…

While it may have been the job that allowed Emma Caulfield to buy a house, it was still an important time for her as, according to her, she made friends for life. After all, she won’t let the other’s actions hurt this part of Buffy’s experience for her.


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