Buffy’s replacement Slayer is corrupted by her Power


This article contains spoilers for The Vampire Slayer #3.

After she replaced Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow is corrupted by her own power. Even Buffy, the vampire slayer, has embraced the multiverse with a Boom! Studios telling stories about countless versions of Buffy. This idea breathed new life into the franchise, giving the writers the opportunity to reinvent the classic series.

“The Vampire Slayer” by Sarah Gailey and Michael Shelfer is a perfect example of this. This comic takes place in a world where Willow became a vampire slayer after a spell went wrong. Willow and Giles became concerned about Buffy’s ability to cope with the constant pressure of the Slayer, and they came up with a spell that, in their opinion, would ease her injury. Unfortunately, the spell backfired, transferring all of Willow’s injury as well as the Slayer’s magic. Willow was forced to assume the mantle of a Slayer, combining traditional Slayer skills with her own magic.

Unfortunately, Vampire Slayer #3 suggests that things are bad, as the Slayer’s magic collides with Willow’s witchcraft. She becomes increasingly irritable, torn apart by the conflicting energy inside her, and Giles feels that something is wrong with Willow’s magic. To make matters worse, when Willow looks into the magic mirror, she sees a distorted version of her face. Willow and Giles don’t think anything about it, but the scene is played out with too much significance — it is assumed that the mirror gives readers an idea of the corruption taking place in the spirit of Willow.

At first Willow seems to be a successful vampire slayer. But now the miniseries seems to reveal why no famous Fighter has ever been a witch. This restriction was probably deliberately imposed by the men who created the first Fighter because they didn’t want to give these women too much power. Willow’s spell has bypassed the curse, which means she’s probably become the most powerful Slayer of all time, but that can’t last long.

Of course, the question of how serious corruption will become is worrying. The image in the mirror seems to suggest that Willow’s very soul is being distorted in a terrible way, and she and Giles will need to find a way to fix it before the Slayer becomes a literal curse for Willow, distorting her soul without any restoration. Buffy the Vampire Slayer took over the multiverse, and at the same time could well show the most tragic version of Willow to date, one whose fate is more terrible than anything that could be seen in the original series. It remains to be seen whether Buffy’s dear friend the Vampire Slayer Willow will be saved.