Buddy Valastro: Where Has The Cake Boss Presenter Been?


Buddy Valastro: Cake Boss is a reality show of great success around the world and much of its relevance is due to the charisma of Buddy Valastro, considered the Master Confectioner for his incredible work presented on the program.

However, the cake boss had to spend some time resting away from the media, leading many people to ask themselves: what happened to Buddy Valastro after all?

Read on and find out what life is like for one of TV’s most acclaimed cooks.

Where is Cake Boss?

Valastro has been known for its proximity to candy and food in general for more than a decade, and its talents have been televised around the world. He runs several restaurants, including one focused on animal food, but another important part of his life is his family.

The baker always reinforces the affection he feels for everyone who is around, especially his wife, Lisa, and their children, Carlo, Marco, Sofia and Buddy Junior. That’s exactly why he tends to make the most of the time everyone has together, since his work routine is hectic.

However, moments of fun do not always end well. In one of these moments of family activity, the culinary star was involved in a serious accident. He was bowling with his kids on his own indoor lane when the pin reset mechanism failed and he tried to fix it. The problem was that his hand ended up getting stuck and it seemed impossible to get it out.

The limb was impaled by a large metal pin that went through his right hand and kept making repeated movements, causing even more pain and preventing Valastro from being able to move or think of a solution.

It took his kids, Buddy Jr. and Marco, to do something right away before the situation got worse for their father. The first, 17, managed to cut the metal object with the help of a saw and said he was afraid of ending up injuring his father’s hand even more.

The accident happened in September 2020.

Has Buddy Valastro recovered from the accident?

Several surgeries were necessary, but the good news is that the bakery’s star has been recovering more and more.

His movements were completely limited, making him wonder if he would even be able to go back to running his restaurants, but the improvement is being considerable: currently, Valastro considers that he is 90% better after the five procedures done in his hand and shows to be confident to reach 100%.

What happened to Buddy Valastro is devastating and his entire family, as well as fans around the world, have followed his grief.

His absence from the small screens raised questions such as “where has the star of Cake Boss been?”, but now we have the answer: he is trying to fully recover through physical therapy so that he can return to fully devoting himself to preparing the amazing dishes he stayed for famous.

His right hand, hit in the accident, is his dominant hand, which makes the process even more frightening. We are confident that soon everything will be completely fine!


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