Buccaneers released good friend Tom Brady: Fan reaction


Earlier this week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, like all teams in the league, had to make the difficult decision to reduce the 53-man roster.

One of the players cut was backup quarterback Ryan Griffin. Most fans remember Griffin helping Brady navigate the Buccaneers Super Bowl parade last year.

When it became known that Griffin had been cut, it was formulated in a way that attracted the attention of social networks. Most fans misread the post and thought it was actually Brady.

“I don’t have a panic attack when I think they cut out Tom Brady,” one fan said.

“I really misunderstood it, I thought it said the Bucks cut out QB Tom Brady, and it says something about best friend Ryan Griffin until I read it again,” one fan said after misreading the post.

Griffin spent 2021 on the practice squad after the team added Kyle Trask to the draft. Although he hasn’t been involved in much combat in recent years, he could be a good candidate for the training team if he isn’t announced elsewhere first.

For now, the Buccaneers will move forward with Kyle Trask and Blaine Gabbert as Brady’s primary backup quarterbacks.


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