BTS’s V’s friends have one quality in common


Taehyung is close to many celebrities, but there is one trait they all share besides his closeness to the idol.

In addition to his talents on stage, V possesses great charisma that has made BTS fans fall in love. As if this weren’t enough, Taehyung’s personality has also allowed him to become close with some celebrities from Korean entertainment, what do these guys have in common?

After several years being an idol, V now has friends who are also singers and some others belong to the world of acting, do you know who we are talking about?

In addition to his fellow BTS members, Taehyung is close to celebrities like Park Seo Joon, Park Bogum, Park Hyungsik, and PSY, but it is very curious that all these celebrities share the last name ‘Park’.

Together with each of these stars from South Korea, V shares a special story that allowed them to start their friendship, we will tell you how it happened.


Park Jimin:
These guys became Big Hit Entertainment trainees before debuting as members of BTS. Although they had some fights like the dumpling episode, it helped them become close and become great friends.

Park Bo Gum:
In addition to being an actor, Park Bo Gum has also served as an MC for some shows, when Park Bo Gum worked at Music Bank he met V and they began a friendly relationship that they maintain until now.

Park Hyung Sik:
This actor was part of Hwarang, the K-Drama where V made his acting debut, which allowed them to live together on set and create a friendship that they now enjoy.

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Park Seo Joon:
In the same way that Taehyung met Park Hyung Sik and became close with Seo Joon, both actors have shown their support for V and BTS’s music releases after meeting on the set of Hwarang.

Park Jae Sang:
V has been a huge fan of PSY for a long time, in fact this idol regards him as a role model because he inspired him to become a music star. When V debuted he was finally able to meet PSY at music shows and they eventually became close.

We recently told you about the most recent meeting between V and PSY, as well as the possibilities that their friendship will lead to a collaboration.


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