BTS’s V would be in The Squid Game 2: what character would he be?


A few months ago, The Squid Game was released on Netflix, a drama that became the most watched series on the platform and generated a wave of madness among its fans. Now, a rumor has been unleashed that BTS’s V will be part of the second season.

It all started when Lee Jung-Jae, protagonist of the series that gave life to “player 456”, pushed the ARMY’s emotions to the limit by posting a photo on his Instagram account with the idol. The photo was published without any description. in the picture, which caused all fans of the series and BTS to begin to develop their own theories.

Which character from The Squid Game would BTS’s V play?

Many fans have shared their own ideas about who would be the character of the interpreter of “Butter”, but there is one that they liked more than the others.

Most of the ARMY assure that Taehyung will play the younger brother of “Kang Sae-byeok,” a character played by Jung Ho Yeon.

Some fans believe that V will play the adult version of the little boy we met in the first season of The Calming Game and that he will seek revenge after the death of his sister. This rumor gained momentum after the actress followed the BTS member on Instagram.

This will not be the first time that V refers to the Netflix series and it is that, during one of his face-to-face concerts in Los Angeles, the singer of “Permission To Dance” appeared in the red suit of The Squid Game.