BTS’s V teases Jungkook on his birthday


Kim Taehyun, better known as BTS’s V, shared a funny video on Twitter where he is seen teasing Jungkook on his birthday.

V and Jungkook will remember this birthday for years to come! The BTS singers not only celebrated Kookiehoy’s 24th birthday, but also celebrated his recently released song “Dynamite”. The group’s new K-Pop song debuted atop the Billboard Hot 100.

The news that they were topping the charts left fans and members of the septet excited. The members confessed to sleeping in, then regrouped for a VLive to celebrate Jungkook’s birthday, and then headed to the studio, where Kim Taehyung did his thing.

V, the idol on everyone’s lips, shared a clip to reveal that Kookie was exhausted after an overwhelming day. In the video shared on Twitter, a sleepyhead JK was lounging on a chair while Taehyung tried to tease him and keep him awake.

According to various fan translations, TaeTae asked the Still With You singer, “Billboard’s number one singer, are you sleepy?” while holding onto his cheeks. A tired JK replied, “yes” before the Winter Bear singer asked, “How much sleep?” to which the singer added, “a lot.”

V congratulates Jungkook

Taehyung continued to congratulate, “Jungkookie, happy birthday to you … you?” and Jungkookie adorably replied, “Yes, happy birthday. First on Billboard, congratulations! Congratulations, okay?” The BTS idol shared the video with the caption, “Happy birthday Jungkook?”

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