BTS’s V takes the crown as the cutest K-Pop artist of 2020


Kim Taehyung, also called V from the BTS group, is now the most attractive man in K-Pop. OMG!

With over 200 (male) K-pop artists nominated for The Most Handsome Faces of K-Pop Artist of 2020, it’s no surprise that BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has been crowned the winner thanks to his amazing images that ARMY just can’t get enough of.

TaeTae has almost become a permanent fixture at No. 1 when it comes to any ‘handsome’ list and we can see why.

Also, all the BTS members found a spot as “Most Handsome K-Pop Artist Faces of 2020” with Jungkook taking No. 4, Jin at No. 19, and Suga at No. 34. While Jimin took No. 43, J-Hope placed at No. 55 and RM at No. 65.

Other artists who entered the Top 10 with BTS’s V

As for the Top 10, at No. 2 is ASTRO member Cha Eun-woo, who is currently stealing hearts as Lee Su-ho in True Beauty.

At No. 3, we have NCT’s magnificent leader Taeyong, while at No. 5, TREASURE member Haruto found a place. EXO member Xiumin was ranked 6th, while NCT member WinWin was ranked 7th.

EXO’s beloved leader Suho came in at No. 8, while NCT member Yuta came in at No. 9. We had Stray Kids’ Hyunjin take over at No. 10.

Meanwhile, BTS ARMY is gearing up for Taehyung’s 25th birthday, which is December 30. Surely the millions of idol fans are preparing huge surprises to celebrate the considered one of the most handsome of the Bang Tan Boys.