BTS’s V: Rumor Says Taehyung Is Dating A Fan OMG!


BTS’s V: Rumor Says Taehyung Is Dating A Fan OMG! The dating rumors between V and a BTS fan has surprised the ARMY, but are they actually dating?

Their angelic voices, beautiful smiles, incredible dance moves, and trendy outfits make it hard not to get obsessed with K-pop group BTS. Luckily for us, all the members of the seven-man group are single, or so it seems.

When asked about their love lives, V and the other BTS guys constantly claim that ARMY is their only partner; However, fans are beginning to wonder if this is really true or not.

Actually, K-pop artists have a higher standard compared to their western counterparts. In fact, they are often prohibited from disclosing personal data, and some even have a “no dating” clause in their contracts.

The pop music industry is big business, and K-pop groups don’t just endorse big brands, they become big brands too. According to Bernie Cho, a Korean music industry executive, K-pop bands are seen as “investments.”

V has always been surrounded by rumors

If BTS revealed details of their personal lives, there could be a lot of angry and jealous fans, fans that could damage their career. Therefore, it is almost impossible to discover facts about the personal lives of BTS members, causing fans to believe their own speculations and theories.

BTS member “V” has been the latest target. In early 2020, V shared stories of himself on the subway, but seeing a huge celebrity on a dirty old subway wasn’t the weird part.

Fans noted that another Korean star had also been on the subway that day: actress Kim Yoo-Jung. Coincidence? The fans don’t think so. V & Yoo-Jung had been on the subway only hours apart, leading some ARMYs to believe that the two were involved in a secret romance.

Is V dating a fan?

As we have already mentioned in La Verdad Noticias, this is not the first time that V has been involved in a rumor of this type. Fans started speculating about his personal life when she kept mentioning a BTS fan named “Hi” on his Instagram posts.

The numerous posts with the name “Hi” convinced fans that something was up. The facts alone are not evidence of a secret relationship; However, fans began to notice that V had started wearing a ring.

Many began to wonder if the ring was given to him by a girlfriend. Before the rumors got too wild, the BTS management team cleared the air by announcing that there were no secret dates.


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