BTS’s V reveals reasons for releasing his mixtape ‘KTH1’


Despite being a great artist with a shocking career in K-Pop, BTS’s V revealed that he was nervous about his fans’ reaction to his songs.

BTS’s V gave fans another teaser for his highly anticipated first mixtape on episode 5 of “In the Soop.”

On Wednesday September 16, episode of the reality show, V, whose birth name is Kim Taehyung, talked about his upcoming mixtape, which BTS fans have dubbed “KTH1,” while he and J-Hope were in a car and away from return to lake 192 of South Korea.

When V said he was nervous about the reaction of fans to his songs, J-Hope, who released his own mixtape, “Hope World,” in 2018, gave the young man some advice.

“I don’t think you should feel too pressured by a mixtape,” J-Hope explained. “Just do what you want to do and show the music you want to show. You are not trying to win something big out of it.”

V confessed that he fears that his intentions to release a mixtape, which is to give fans a chance to listen to the songs he likes, will be misinterpreted.

This is what BTS’s V said about his mixtape

“Yes, I’m doing this because I want our fans to hear it,” shared V. “I do this because I want to share the music that I’ve been working on and that I love, but I’m a little concerned that it sounds like I’m doing it to achieve something. , when that is not my interest ”.

Later in the episode of “In the Soop,” the BTS singer revealed snippets of an untitled song from his mixtape, which generated quite a stir online.

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Interestingly, this isn’t the first time V has given fans a preview of his mixtape. In July, V shared a snippet of a song on Twitter, along with the caption, “Today is a day I miss ARMY so … so much. Even if it’s not complete, wait and listen to this spoiler!”

The singer later deleted the clip, but by then, fans had already captured and shared it. On August 25, V released another teaser for his mixtape on a previous episode of “In The Soop.”

As for the mixtape’s release date, V revealed in an August interview uploaded to BTS’s YouTube channel that he hoped to leave it by the end of the year. The mixtape is expected to have at least eight songs.

In addition to the upcoming mixtape, V and his fellow BTS members are preparing for the release of their next album.


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