BTS’s V: Meet Yeontan, Kim Taehyung’s cute pet pet


BTS’s V shares his youth with Yeontan, a four-legged friend who has won the love of the boyband and its fans.

Kim Taehyung, better known as BTS’s V, shares his youth with Yeontan, a four-legged friend who has managed to win the affection of the boyband and its ARMY fandom. It is worth mentioning that the adorable Pomeranian dog turned three years old on September 7.

When the expected day arrived, the fans of the group in South Korea celebrated the special date through social networks using the hashtag # 3YearsWithYeontan and carrying out other projects. As expected, the occasion was propitious to remember how it all started.

In 2017, V was very eager to adopt a pet. This was mentioned by a vet who complimented the idol’s concern to prepare well before bringing a dog home. “I was impressed by his sense of responsibility as a future puppy keeper,” noted Kang Hyung Wook.

Of all the dogs V met, he was enchanted by the little dark-furred one. “He seemed angry, so I thought maybe he wanted a lot of hugs,” he explained about the first time he saw him. Although he was told that he had a health problem from birth, the idol decided to adopt him.

ARMY only got to see him during a ‘V live’ broadcast in December of that year, when Taehyung carried him in his arms to Jin’s birthday celebration. In all this time, ’Tannie’ has grown to the size that his breed allows and has also shown to be very protective of his owner.

Due to the band’s constant touring, Yeontan now lives with the singer’s parents; the best to be able to take care of it properly. Check out Yeontan’s lovely interactions with V and other BTS members below.

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What does Yeontan mean?

According to information obtained by the Somagnews team, the name Yeontan (연탄) seems to have been chosen by associating the blocks of coal used in South Korea for grills and heating of homes with the dog’s black fur.

V’s fans celebrated Yeontan’s third birthday

For his third birthday, Taehyung’s fanbases organized projects for Yeontan similar to those preparing for idols. In the Philippines, they hired the projection of their photos in the sphere of a mall.

In addition, donations were made to organizations that care for dogs in vulnerable situations, a contribution that was made by fan clubs such as V UNION and VANTEXPRESION.


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