BTS’s V: Kim Taehyung fans set a new world record


A fan club Kim Taehyung , also known as V of BTS , set a new record for the million – dollar raise a sum for his birthday.

Singer BTS , V , will celebrate his birthday later this year. While we started the countdown to his 25th birthday, Kim Taehyung’s fan club in China has already raised a huge sum for the celebrations, setting a new world record.

While there are close to three months until his birthday celebrations (December 30), his fan club in China has already started to prepare for the big day. The renowned fan club, Baidu V Bar, had announced that they were raising funds for this special celebration.

The club has revealed that they have already raised funds of 1.2 billion won, according to Dispatch. And the most incredible thing is that the feat was achieved in just 80 days. AllKPop reported that the fundraising event raised 1 million yuan in just one minute. The club raised 6 million yuan in just 59 days and 14 minutes.

The team had raised 6.47 million yuan as of August 23, 2020, according to the international website. The feat has led the Chinese fan base to achieve the milestone of setting a new record for the fastest and highest fundraising event for an idol-related event in K-Pop history.

V’s birthday will be different this year

Last year, the ARMY reportedly raised a fund of 500 million won. However, there is no way that this year, Taehyung’s birthday celebrations will be massive. The “Stigma” singer’s fan club has not yet revealed the details of the celebration.

Baidu V Bar has drawn the attention of ARMY every year for their elaborate birthday celebrations for the BTS singer and they have been in the news for their philanthropic work. In July, the fan club made a donation to establish an elementary school in China, Taehyung Hope Elementary School.


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