BTS’s V is ‘Most Attractive Vampire’ on Twitter


Kim Taehyung, better known as BTS’s V, became a trend on Twitter after being named the ‘sexiest vampire’, but why?

BTS fans were blown away by V’s brilliant baseball skills in the latest episode of “BTS In the Scoop: BTS Ver.” They immediately saw his uncanny resemblance to Jasper Hale, one of the most mysterious characters in the Twilight movie saga, played by actor Jackson Rathbone.

As Kim Taehyung effortlessly recreated the cinematic masterpiece, many fans nicknamed him “Taehyung Cullen-Hale”, a sexy vampire. Soon, an edit that compared V and Jasper’s abilities quickly went viral on Twitter and garnered over a million views.

Furthermore, the official Twitter user of “The Twilight Saga” also joined the party and expressed his love for V, proclaiming him as his BTS bias. Some fans in the comment section even expressed their desire to see V play the role of a vampire in a Korean drama.

Fans also highlighted V’s exceptional athletic abilities. In a Twitter clip shared by ARMY, you can see the “Stigma” performer’s incredible ability to capture things smoothly and without much effort. Without a doubt, V is an all-rounder. Is there something he can’t do well?

V works on his first solo mixtape

V truly seems to be a perfect vampire, not only because of his fascinating timeless beauty, but also because of his extraordinary talents, abilities, and athletic reflexes. As expected, ARMY made the hashtag #TaehyungCullenHale a trend on Twitter, reaching the top spots in several countries.

On the other hand V has been working on “KTH1”, his first solo mixtape, TaeTae announced that he already has 8 songs written in which he has put all his effort. The idol of the K-Pop group would like the premiere of this material to happen before the end of this year, but noted that they still have to review a lot of things.


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