BTS’s V buys a LUXURY late-model car


ARMY, the name given to the BTS fandom, has been extremely surprised to learn that Taehyung, also known as V, has recently acquired a luxurious possession, which is a latest model car from Hyundai, a South Korean automotive brand with which the Boys from the hit band have collaborated in recent months.

It cannot be denied that the members of BTS have managed to become the most successful people of the moment, which means that their economic reach already allows them to acquire goods and luxuries; This time we will talk about the new latest model car that V has bought.

The South Korean group surprised everyone by announcing that they had become international ambassadors for the automotive brand Hyundai, a collaboration that allowed it to occupy the spectacular of Time Square in New York City in the United States.


V acquires luxurious Hyundai brand car

Various South Korean media have announced that V recently purchased a Genesis GV80 model truck, which has a market price of 70 million won (More than one million Mexican pesos).

Everything seems to indicate that this luxurious vehicle could be a gift from the charismatic idol to a relative, this because the characteristics of this model are designed so that older people do not suffer complications when driving.

So far, it has not been seen that Taehyung shares his latest acquisition on social networks, a detail that could confirm that the luxurious vehicle was a gift for some family member of the idol, although it could also be that he opted for that model to make him feel more comfortable when drive, as the Genesis GV80 has an integrated front camera that allows the driver to have a wider view of the road.

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Do you think the luxurious car V recently bought was a gift for a relative? Does Taehyung’s new car look pretty to you? Leave us your answer in the comments, we want to know your opinion.


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