BTS’s V became the inspiration for a Russian song


The Asian vocalist does very well as a soloist.

With no other choice but to cancel plans for a world tour the BTS band looked for other ways to stay with fans until the time of the health crisis comes to an end. Meanwhile, some members of the band were trying their luck as soloists. Now it was V’s turn, considered one of the cutest men in the world, who took notoriety after being mentioned in a Russian song that fans discovered on the TikTok app.

The interpreters of “DNA” chose to keep in touch with their fans through social networks, which is what all the international stars are doing, and it also serves to fight boredom by confinement. The fandom of the musical group upon discovering the tribute that was paid to the young Asian, quickly made him notice and began to viralize the video on the networks.

In the clip it could be seen that the song also made mention of the actress and singer Zendaya, and in that same paragraph, she spoke of the Asian vocalist. The K POP music group had a meteoric rise in their music career. The songs they perform are the most listened to in recent times. On more than one occasion, the artists explained that their main inspiration is their huge army of fans.

BTS’s V already had several separate achievements from the group, and the most recent of them was being named the cutest man in the world. This new title gave a further boost to his career, and raised him one step higher than his peers. His fans do not stop sharing images of him and say that not only his physical beauty put him in a place of total success, but his love and respect for those who idolize him.


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