BTS’s V and Squid Game’s Lee Jung Jae rule Instagram with their selfie


BTS’s Taehyung has shown his fanaticism for The Squid Game multiple times, even thinking that they are signs that he will be in the second season of this Netflix series; But also the actors of the drama share time with the idol and his selfie with Lee Jung Jae proves it.

Everyone loved ‘Squid Game’, a Korean Netflix original series that took the senses of the entire audience, this drama quickly became popular and even idols could not resist its plot, many of the K-Pop artists declared themselves fans of this production.

For example, BTS’s V, who not only wore his costume from ‘The Squid Game’, but even showed that he knows the K-Drama plots by heart: 0, his fanaticism for this series is really great and love of the idol for ‘Squid Game’ has not gone unnoticed.

It seems that Taehyung’s love for the South Korean series is reciprocated, since his selfie with Lee Jung Jae blew up the internet, is it another sign that actor V will be in the second season of Squid Game? We will find out.

On his official Instagram account, Lee Jung Jae, protagonist of Squid Game, shared a selfie with BTS’s V, it quickly reached millions of likes and comments from fans of the series and the K-Pop group, impressing the world with this little photo that means a lot to the fans.

Besides this selfie with Lee Jung Jae, there was also another interaction of V with the cast of Squid Game that could give us signs that the idol of BTS could act in the second season of the Netflix series; Fans noticed that Jung Hoyeon, actress from ‘The Squid Game’ is following Taehyung on Instagram: 0, maybe this is another sign.

Even if it is just a cameo, ARMY is very excited that BTS’s V participation in Squid Game is a reality, do you think we will see it in the second season of the drama?

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