BTS’s V: 5 Times Kim Taehyung went viral on Twitter


BTS’s V has become one of the most sought after artists on Twitter. Here are 5 times TaeTae became a global trend.

BTS has become a world-famous group for their hit songs and impressive stage performances, which has led to them being guests on the hottest TV shows and meeting other world-class artists.

However, during the events that the K-pop group attends, both fans and users have not been able to avoid focusing their attention on one of the members in particular, Kim Taehyung (V), making each of their live appearances go viral. .


1. V with Ariana Grande

A recent photograph of the group with the famous singer has not only caused a sensation among fans, but has also made V one of the most sought after artists on social networks.

On January 22, Ariana Grande posted the image on Twitter along with the message “look who I ran into during rehearsal.” Immediately, a large number of users began asking for the identity of the member next to her, referring to Taehyung.

2. The boy with the mint hair at the 2019 Grammys

After their participation in the prestigious musical gala last year, the members of BTS left their mark among attendees and netizens, who took to social media to comment on the events of the event.

Once again, Kim Taehyung caught everyone’s eye and became one of the most wanted of the night on the Twitter platform, with the phrase “the boy with the green / mint hair”.

3. The blue haired boy with Emma Stone

The BTS members were special guests on Saturday Night Live in April 2019, and they all attended wearing different hair styles and costumes, but the one who particularly caught the attention of the public on that occasion was V.

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Her blue hair served as a guide for international users, who hoped to get the name of the “boy with Emma Stone.”

4. The boy in the black coat

Following the great success of the group in recent years, BTS was invited to perform a historic New Year’s celebration performance at the famous Times Square in New York City.

Again, Taehyung became the center of attention and those present began to ask who the “boy with the long black coat” was. On Twitter, the search went viral among those who wanted to find the artist’s name.

5. The boy with wavy hair

During the December celebrations leading up to the New Years event, V went viral again during the group’s performance at the opening of the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball. On that occasion, publications about the artist surpassed half a million and his name was part of the list of trends in 22 countries.

Kim Taehyung has proven to be very popular with fans and international users, and is expected to be trending again this year when BTS releases their next album titled “BE”.


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