BTS’s V: 2020 has been a MAJESTIC year for Taehyung


The year 2020 has caused many misfortunes. But BTS’s V seems to be left out as he has achieved multiple career records.

BTS’s V started the year off right with the astonishing success of her first solo track, Sweet Night. The song topped the iTunes world chart in 117 countries. The affair made the BTS idol the only artist in history to achieve the feat.

After Sweet Night’s reign, she became the idol with the most-viewed solo fancam of 2020 so far. Somagnews tells you which were the greatest and most important achievements of V that he broke this 2020.

Taehyung’s fascinating 2020

V also achieved an important first record on Instagram. His three teaser photos earned more than five million likes on the social media platform. V received more crowns this year for her fascinating achievements. It includes being the king of iTunes, fancams and social networks.

Not only that, V, in addition to being the Visual Representative of K-pop, has now become the Representative Icon of Asian Beauty and Style. In addition, in Beauty and Fashion, all the fashion choices and stylish hairstyles of the idols always become an instant hit.

Even just flaunting his perfect visuals, he can’t make everyone (if not all) turn their heads for him.

BTS’s V’s amazing achievements

In Indonesian Women’s Fashion & Entertainment Magazine, V became the only Asian celebrity to be ranked as one of the Top 5 Celebrities to Sight of 2020. The aforementioned ranking list included several well-known Western celebrities such as the stars of the fame of the Avengers: Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland.

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Plus, prolific young actor Louis Partridge and exuberant former One Direction member Harry Styles. Furthermore, beyond the idol’s massive success in music, V has also become a familiar face in various fashion magazines. Includes Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, GQ, Elle, and Vogue.

Given all of V’s almost incredible accomplishments, including the various fashionista awards she won this year alone, calling her Asia’s iconic beauty and style icon fits in nicely in 2020.


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