BTS’s ‘ON’ Tops 100 Million Views on YouTube


BTS’s ‘ON’ Tops 100 Million Views on YouTube. ARMY didn’t stop fighting and ‘ON’ just broke a new record on YouTube.

The comeback of BTS with ‘ Map of the Soul 7 ‘ for the South Korean band brought a series of successes and new achievements that continue to appear. After the premiere of ‘ ON ‘, the title track of their new album , ARMY did not stop showing their support for a single second.

A month after it was launched the video official to ‘ ON ‘, the MV managed to break a new record on YouTube . Keep reading to find out everything.

Recently she released the official video of ‘ ON ‘ managed to surpass the 100 million of views on YouTube after 3 weeks of its release , making it the number 26 song BTS to do so . Yaay!

At the same time, ‘ ON ‘ has also become YouTube’s most successful live premiere , bringing together more than 1.5 million users at the same time. This wonderful MV also positioned itself as the first to reach the 10 million views fastest during the first hour of its premiere .

Despite the fact that ARMY and BTS went through a bitter moment after the controversy of stealing reproductions from the video of ‘ ON ‘, once again the great impact that Bangtan has on the music industry was demonstrated . Congratulations!


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