BTS’s TinyTAN become Downy’s new look


From now on, the adorable animated BTS dolls will accompany the Downy brand. Recently, Big Hit Entertainment unveiled BTS’s new TinyTAN dolls, animated characters that were created by drawing inspiration from each member of the idol group. But shortly after its launch, the TinyTAN already began to give surprises.

This is not the first time that Downy and BTS have teamed up for a collaboration, as previously BT21 characters were also part of the publicity for this brand.

The adorable animated dolls caught the attention of BTS fans as soon as the event was released, so even if it was just silhouettes, the ARMYs quickly identified the characters.

Previously, Downy had already sparked the interest of BTS fans, since after Jungkook admitted that he used this brand of softener, fans of the idol group ran to buy this product while it sold out in stores.

If you still don’t know who the new characters that are part of TinyTAN are, don’t forget to read about the personalities and characteristics that distinguish each of them.BTS’s

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