BTS’s Suga: This is his favorite anime


To know one more curiosity about Suga, now we present to you which anime character he is fascinated by and also what the singer would look like if he were one.

Both anime and K-Pop in its beginnings were not as recognized as they are now, but at the moment who does not know an anime or has a favorite K-Pop group. For example, in South Korea the most famous boy band is BTS, the group that has achieved great international success, among them is Suga.

And is that when it comes to entertainment in South Korea, it is essential to mention two things and those two things are anime cartoon programs and K-Pop music culture.

But when it comes to K-pop, BTS’s boy band is without a doubt the biggest boy band in the country, in fact their success and fame has gone so far that even Tiger Shroff recently admitted that collaborating with BTS would be his dream. .

Suga and his favorite anime

While we’ve talked enough about anime and boy band BTS, readers, have you ever wondered or thought what kind of anime our favorite BTS boys like, like Jungkook, Suga, and Jimin?

Well, according to reports on, the entire BTS boy band is in love with the Korean volleyball anime, Haikyuu, and it goes without saying that their favorite character from the Haikyuu anime is Otaku.

So what do you think of Suga, Jimi, and Jungkook’s taste in anime, can you please let us know.

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