BTS’s RM shows his “Toad” he has it small


Through a video that has been viralized on the internet, you can see RM’s “Sapito”, and without a doubt he is one of the smallest we have seen.

RM is one of the most popular pollutants today, the leader of BTS is a perfect combination of talent, leadership and beauty, and his charisma and curiosities are endless, because every day we discover something new about the singer.

In that sense, the fans on twitter made a video viral in which Kim Nam Joon is showing his love for small things, with a tiny toad that the singer has in his hand, showing that “he has it small”, and of course, we mean the little animal.

Of course, it is important for the singer that all living beings are free, so, as much as he loved this little toad, he had no choice but to set it free, demonstrating his love for nature.

The leader of BTS showed once again that he has all the details to make the ARMY fall in love, because there is not a day that does not surprise us with an occurrence.

Watch the RM video

As we have previously reported, the famous South Korean young man has been listed as one of the best ranked “K-pop Leaders”, and the reason is that the band BTS is one of the most famous around the world, although this merit does not It is entirely Rap Monster, if he has proven to be a born leader.

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Kim Nam Joon has also opened his heart and has given explanations regarding what it means to him that the band is made up of 7 members, as he assures that he could not be without any of them, so it seems that we have BTS for a long time plus.

The singer has revealed that when one is missing from photos, they feel incomplete, again proving that he is a leader like no other. Can you imagine BTS if there were fewer members?


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