BTS’s RM features that will make you melt in love


RM is one of the members of BTS who has stood out the most for his charisma, here we leave you some data with which the ARMY will fall asleep.

RM is not only one of the members of BTS, but he is the leader of the group, but his charisma makes any fan melt for him, so these data that we will give below are sure you already knew if you are ARMY, but we remind you so that you die of love.

Openly supports the relationships between homosexual couples, being in favor of loving themselves as they are, for this singer, happiness is doing what you want and living being yourself.

Also, according to his peers, specifically V, RM is not one of the most organized members, as he usually leaves his things lying on the floor.

He is a very intelligent young man, with a high IQ, he has also read many books to increase his vocabulary and write more easily.

RM sees his escape in Rap

The singer calls himself “Rap Monster” and this is because he uses rap to escape stress, this musical genre is one of his true passions, so we always see him perform his rhymes, even if it is a pop band .

Kim Nam Joon’s favorite accessory is his glasses, in addition, another of the curious facts is that he has openly confessed not being a virgin, and revealed that if he could do it again with the same girl, he would.

RM is a great example for his other teammates, so much so that J-Hope was originally a vocalist, but since he thought Rap Monster was very cool, he switched to the Rap Line, along with him and Suga.

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These are just some of the curiosities that make us love this BTS member so much. Sure there are many more characteristics that make him a great artist and one of the best leaders. Do you know any other curious information about RM?


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