BTS’s RM Confesses To ARMY What His Biggest Insecurity Was


BTS’s RM, he himself spoke about the part of his body that caused him the most insecurity. What was the biggest insecurity of Kim Namjoon of the K-Pop band BTS? The Korean star revealed his relationship with himself in the past and the poor perspective he had on a part of his anatomy.

One of the slogans popularized by Bangtan Sonyeondan was ‘Love yourself’, although it is a process that takes a bit of time for some people, having V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, RM, Jimin and J-Hope on their side. it helped them a lot.

Although the boy band of Big Hit Entertainment looks safe and full of passion in every musical performance, members are humans before they were popular insecurities that worked and left in the past.

Like Kim Namjoon , who in an interview revealed that when he was younger there was a part of his body that bothered him a lot, so much so that at that time he changed his way of dressing to avoid feeling insecure.


RM said that he wore tight pants until the third year of high school and left this look because he believed that his legs did not look good in them, this caused him to think that people with thin legs could wear anything without feeling bad.

I thought my legs weren’t pretty, that I shouldn’t keep wearing tight pants.


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Everything took a turn when he earned a position as a trainee with the Big Hit Entertainment company , as over time he appreciated his legs, they looked pretty and he took his favorite tight jeans out of the closet. YAY!

On multiple occasions, Bangtan leader Sonyeondan received compliments and flattering comments for his legs, especially when he shows his most daring and coolest style, and he is the tallest member of the boy band. It measures 1 meter and 81 centimeters.


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This revelation from RM may serve as a lesson to ARMYs around the world because you are naturally beautiful and loving yourself as you are is the beginning of an excellent relationship with yourself. <3 You are beautiful or beautiful!


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