BTS’s personality is revealed through the way he walks


Your way of walking may be projecting your way of being, discover what this activity says about BTS. The body language of BTS members can reveal many traits of their personality , this includes the way they walk .

Walking is an activity that we put into practice from our first years of life, however, our way of doing it is something that changes over time and many times these changes respond to the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

So, it is said that with our walk we can project our way of being without even realizing it, have you ever paid attention to those little details?

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Most BTS members always look around while walking , that speaks to us of people who keep in touch with their surroundings and who learn from those around them. Read on and find out about the particular qualities that each one reveals from the way they walk.


The walk of this idol projects energy, it is also characterized by constantly moving the hands in front of him and interacting with the objects he carries. Suga shows that he has a fun and carefree personality but at the same time that he has the ability to find a good moment for himself, that is, this idol reflects that although he likes to be surrounded by the people he loves, he also enjoys his own time and space. He also tells us that he is a creative person with a lot of imagination.


The BTS leader always takes firm steps , therefore his walk reflects confidence . Many times we see Namjoon walking in front of the rest of the boys, although he does it because he is the leader of the group, this quality also speaks of his adventurous character, RM is not afraid to take risks when it comes to pursuing improvements.


When Jimin walks he shows elegance, the steps of this idol are wide, which tells us that he is a productive and committed person, he also has a relaxed walk that transmits security and emotional stability. However, Jimin also reveals that he is someone who likes to compete.


Jin is someone who enjoys walking slowly, not rushing allows him to look around and perceive his surroundings. He is someone who constantly makes eye contact with others or with his surroundings. This tells us that he is someone friendly who likes to get along with others.


Many times V prefers to go behind his companions, sometimes he walks with his hands inside his pockets or, in any case, he tries not to swing his arms widely, this tells us that he is a little introverted and that he does not like or he has trouble expressing his feelings openly.


In contrast, J-Hope swings his arms very high. This idol tends to rush or go very slowly, that tells us about his determination , because we hardly see him advance at a midpoint of speed. J-Hope takes wide strides, revealing his productivity. But also, his walk reflects that he is someone who likes challenges.


Jungkook is someone who keeps watch over his own steps, that’s why sometimes we see him walking looking down, this tells us that he is a person who does not like to meddle in the lives of others. He also tends to be careful, which indicates that he tries to treat people the same way that he would like to be treated.

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