BTS’s music and its relationship with Buddhism


BTS’s music and its relationship with Buddhism. A monk gave his opinion about BTS’s music about it. BTS is known for the lyrics to their songs, which speak about self-love, fears, emotions that come from the soul and the emotional side, as well as self-discovery.

Their popularity has no gender or age, in the most recent episode of the radio show “Bae Chulsoo Jam” , they had as a guest a Buddhist monk named Myungjin , who decided to share his opinion on the boys’ music and made a comparison with the religion.

The group has been characterized by using deep concepts that externalize human emotions. “Map of the soul: 7” was a great example of this. BTS wanted to explore that dark part of the soul, but instead of a person falling into the shadows that torment him, his message is about getting ahead and learning from his fears.

For this reason, the monk explained that his songs can transmit courage, strength and comfort. An example is his song “Answer”, the lyrics of which speak about loving oneself, with everything and mistakes, learning about one’s past, present and future, something similar to Buddhist scripture.

The monk, from his perspective, believes that the secret of BTS is to question about life, reflect on how difficult people’s path sometimes is and sing about it. “Black Swan” is another example, BTS questioned a kind of death for not enjoying what he is most passionate about: music. What do you do then The boys sang about being an empty soul, but at the same time, about holding on to what you love, getting ahead and never giving up on your dreams, however difficult it may be.

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In simple words, the possible relationship between Buddhism and BTSIt is that said religion is a spiritual solution to human suffering, although Kpop cannot be called a religion, but the boys have healed their wounds and have given ARMY an important message .


BTS has confessed that it has also faced their fears and demons, but thanks to ARMY and self-love, they came out ahead. They live carefree and being themselves, valuing their present. Accepting your feelings, even bad ones, is the most difficult thing for the human being, but when you achieve it, you free yourself.


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