BTS’s Jungkook suddenly appeared on a business offer


“Business Proposal” is a drama of the moment that even conquered Jungkook from BTS, however, this singer received the best award as a fan who did not stop watching episodes of the Korean TV series.

Thanks to the various questions and answers this idol received through his personal Instagram account, it became clear to us that Jungkook is a big fan of doramas, and he likes several productions that are currently being broadcast, including a story from a Business Proposal.

The K-drama starring Ahn Hye-sop and Kim Se-jung tells the story of a girl who pretends to be her friend on a blind date, unaware that the guy she meets is the boss of the company she works for.

Earlier, Jungkook explained that he had already seen all the episodes that had been so far, which excited the production participants, including the director, who warned ARMY about future references to BTS and this idol that will appear in the drama.

BTS’s Jungkook Gets Special Mention in Business Offer

During the 10th episode of this fun and romantic drama, a conversation between the characters revealed the singer of My Time, and also complimented him. It all starts with the fact that some of Ha Ri’s colleagues comment on rumors about an office romance, but this is kept secret. That’s when Kim Hyo Ji says:

Mr. Cho? That handsome boy who looks like Jungkook? Who’s dating him? I’ll ask in a group chat

Fans who enjoy the series couldn’t help but rejoice at this link to the Golden Maknae, as the director in charge of the drama has already commented that there is a big fan of Jungkook in the team. Aww.


This is not the first time BTS has been mentioned in the drama, as previously Blood Sweat & Tears songs such as Dynamite appeared during a scene where several members of the company go to a restaurant.

Since Jungkook hasn’t stopped following the episodes, he can now be considered a successful fan with these special mentions.

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