BTS’s Jungkook responds to ARMY who wants to be his girlfriend


BTS’s Jungkook resisted a bit when the ARMIES wanted to call him oppa. Idol eventually came to his liking, and now he is responsible for following the game of his fans. In his latest live broadcast, BTS’s Jungkook responded to his subscribers’ flirty messages as follows.

Since his debut, the interpreter of “My Time” has known how to steal the hearts of the ARMY, be it his tenderness, talent and his eyes that shine like stars. His fans were always responsible for making sure he knew how much they loved him and were looking for any moment to flirt with him.

In his last performance, Jungkook met with his followers after the Grammy Awards, the idol was in his hotel room in Las Vegas. A lot of topics arose in the conversation, and the idol did not hesitate to play with ARMIE. This is his favorite activity.

Jungkook responds coquettishly to ARMIE

It has always been believed that Jungkook is a boy who likes romance, so much so that his fans have always seen him as a suitable potential guy. Idol sometimes demonstrated this facet with the help of comments of a certain type, once again it was demonstrated in this live broadcast that he did on V Live.

In this case, the translator of “Begin” proved to be more flirtatious than ever, leaving more than one impressed by the performances of a member of the K-Pop group. From the very beginning, the atmosphere resembled a romantic movie with dim lights decorating Jungkook’s room.

When a fan asked if she could be his girlfriend for five seconds, with a slightly cheeky smile. Jungkook gave an answer that surprised all ARMY.

“Do you love me? Try to catch me.”

The real Romeo from BTS. This is something that all the fans found very funny, perhaps others were a little excited to see this flirtatious facet of the idol. Do you like Jungkook’s answer?

Jungkook and Vi know how to be romantic with ARMIE

ARMY did not hesitate to note the idol’s response because he liked it so much that he filled social networks with flirting, which they witnessed from Jungkook. Recently we have seen this facet from the idol side, for sure next time we will have new tips on flirting from the idol side.

Jungkook knew how to win the hearts of the ARMY with his competitive personality, his talent, imitation and many others. He wasn’t the only one from BTS who revealed his most romantic side. Instagram’s Vee answered the question on his Instagram account in one of his “Questions and Answers” on his Instagram stories.

For his part, V responded to ARMY’s request for a joint viewing of the stars. Taehyung had the most romantic answer, an answer worthy of K-Drama, maybe someone watches a lot of Korean TV series. Don’t you think?

“In two hours, look at the stars from there. I’ll watch from here.”

So if you want to talk to someone you like, you’ll have to ask Jeongguk for advice, as well as Taehyung, because they all seem to be masters in this matter. As for Makne, should we remind you about the cat? He seems very up-to-date on the subject. Don’t you think? Do you want a couple of tips from them?

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