BTS’s Jungkook proves that COVID is not his rival


Jung Jungkook recently tested positive for Covid-19, since he was in Las Vegas, the Bangtan Sonyeondan participant was supposed to be quarantined there. However, in the video he posted, he shows that COVID is not his opponent.

Jungkook from BTS was diagnosed with Covid-19 upon arrival in the US. The idol has begun the quarantine period established by the legislation of the country in which he is located. However, the conclusion did not prevent him from showing ARMY how to deal with COVID.

The state of health of the BTS members concerned their fans around the world. After Jay-Hope tested positive for COVID, Jin injured his finger and had to undergo surgery, and Jungkook also fell ill with COVID, ARMIE did not stop sending messages for the speedy recovery of the three participants.

For this reason, and to thank his fans for their love, Jungkook constantly sought to update information about himself.


On the night of March 29, Jungkook shared a one-minute video on Instagram in which he appears to be having a private party in the room where he is quarantined.

Turning on the lights and music at full volume, Jungkook sent a few words to his fans. Assuring the ARMY that he feels good, that his body does not feel heavy, that he has eaten and rested. He also added that he worries about weight gain during the days of imprisonment, but will continue to take care of his health.

In addition, he did not hesitate to show that he is in great shape by getting up and dancing a little in the video.


His bandmate couldn’t help but react to his Instagram video. As soon as Jeongguk uploaded his story, Taehyung was surprised to write how Jeongguk was being quarantined due to Covid-19.

In his response to Jeongguk’s video, Taehyung praised Jeongguk’s dance moves, noting that the coronavirus had lost to him. He also added that when he himself (Taehyung) had Covid, he couldn’t even move.

Fans around the world do not stop sharing good wishes and messages of recovery for the band member. We hope that Jungkook will recover soon and be able to join BTS!

J-Hope also informed ARMIE about his health status with a cute message on Weverse. Adding that his quarantine period is over.