BTS’s Jungkook makes a cute mistake and it has a powerful effect


Jungkook gave ARMY a fun moment and mobilized social networks after making a small mistake full of tenderness, what did the BTS member do?

Although the vacations of these idols continue, the joys with their fandom remain, because in addition to the updates on their personal social networks, the BTS boys had prepared some clips for their fans in advance.

It was thus that a new Bangtan Bomb was recently released that shows us a glimpse of the experiences of the HYBE group and in addition to providing entertainment by learning more about these idols, it had an unexpected twist.

The reason was that while enjoying a delicious meal, Jungkook made a small mistake and although it may have gone unnoticed, it became a memorable moment for fans because of the way it all happened.


It all started when the idol enjoyed a meal unknown to him, it is a dish served by the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant, specializing in Tex-Mex-style fast food that has gained popularity in various places.

Curiously, Jungkook asked what Chipotle was, but due to his pronunciation, the word mentioned was actually ‘Chicotle’.


Although ARMY thought it was kind of cute, however the repercussions of this confusion were surprising and showed the power of the BTS member.

Quickly, the social networks of the previously mentioned restaurant changed their name to Chicotle and as if that were not enough, they dedicated a tweet to the idol:

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