BTS’s Jungkook Always Seems to Be Surrounded By Outstanding Visuals That Fans Love


They say that people with exceptional looks attract the same beautiful people. It looks like Jungkook, makne BTS, proves it!

Fans noticed that the golden macne was surrounded by stunning visual effects. In July, a man was spotted behind Jungkook while BTS was filming on the streets of Gangnam in Seoul.

Fans investigated, and it turned out that this person is an employee of HYBE, and later he was also seen with Shuga.

This is not the only such case. Fans noticed a member of the HYBE A&R team, and fans noted her smoothness and model appearance when she and Jungkook appeared together.

In fact, this is Nicole Kim, a young woman who often works with BTS on their travels, helping with translations.


Finally, Jungkook was spotted with the South Korean soccer team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Among them, one player especially attracted attention.

This player is the number 9 player named Cho Gue Sung, who makes people’s hearts turn over.

We can say that beauty attracts beauty!


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