BTS’s Jin underwent surgery for an injury to his index finger


Many fans expressed concern upon reading the latest statement from Big Hit Entertainment that Jin had been injured and underwent surgery.

BTS’s Jin suffered an injury to his index finger after going about his daily activities. Going to the emergency room and receiving medical attention, he had to undergo surgery, Big Hit Entertainment revealed in an official statement.

In the official statement from the ‘Worldwide Handsome’ company, he reported on the reasons for his injury and operation, in addition to reporting on his next schedule. This to avoid the concern of the fans.


According to the official statement released by Big Hit Entertainment, Jin sustained an injury to his left index finger while going about his daily activities. Going to the hospital for medical care, it was discovered that the tendons in his finger were partially damaged, necessitating surgery.

On the morning of March 19, he entered surgery to repair the damage to his index finger. According to statements from the medical team, the surgery went smoothly with successful results. Now Jin is resting and recovering.

Big Hit also informed concerned fans that Jin would focus on fully recovering from the injury, only to resume activities later when he is in better health. Jin will have to wear plaster the whole process until his finger is completely healed.


So far, Big Hit Entertainment did not mention the BTS member’s recovery time. Similarly, it was not mentioned if he would not participate in the group’s close plans.

ARMYs around the world have shown their concern for Jin, sharing messages of support on social networks, wishing him a quick recovery.

We wish Jin a speedy recovery!

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