BTS’s Jin sings live, proving you don’t need a car


A video shows us the vocal talent of BTS’s Jin, definitely the idol, he DOES NOT need autotune! Sing amazing!

BTS’s Jin possesses great artistic talents and one of them is her incredible singing way. Her perfect voice has earned her more and more fans and worldwide fame. In a compilation of moments of Jin singing live, it can be seen that he has a great gift.

Kim Seok-jin has honed her great talents over the years as he studied art and acting at Konkuk University and enrolled in Hanyang Cyber University graduate school to study areas other than music.

Jin singing LIVE

It should be noted that Jin has a tenor voice, which was discovered in 2013 when he auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment. Months later he debuted as a member of BTS with her hit “No More Dream”.

Here below we leave you the video of the dozens of times that Jin has shown that he does not need autotune and that her voice is truly angelic. Press play!

How did Jin get to BTS?

Jin was supposedly discovered in the streets, due to his great beauty, as he was recommended to do casting and that is how he came to BTS, becoming the largest of the seven-member band.

In interviews, Jin usually introduces himself as “Worldwide handsome”, he tends to make the joke of being a handsome man and this enchants the press and his fans.

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