BTS’s Jin admits that he lost his SIGHT OMG


Unfortunately Jin from the South Korean group BTS has had some problems with his eyesight in recent years.

BTS’s Jin reveals that he is concerned about his eyesight and that prevents him from resuming some activities. BTS is awaiting the release of their new single “Dynamite”, the group has released several previews to promote the new era of their career, but they also take time to live with their fans and Jin decided to answer some of their questions.

Through the Weverse platform, fans shared some messages for Jin, such as his latest achievement with “Moon”, they also expressed their wishes to see him again on Korean TV, as some idols have activities as presenters at awards, television shows. music or variety shows.

One ARMY joked and said that Jin’s female students had lost their way and that she missed seeing him as an MC, which means that he had put that activity aside, but the idol decided to answer honestly.

Jin said that over time her eyesight has worsened and that she cannot host again. OMG! It is not known if it was a joke in her style or perhaps she no longer wants to be in the middle of that stage, since many times lights are used that can hurt the eyes, in addition to paying attention to the public.

ARMY sends love to Jin for this confession

Idols with vision problems do not usually wear glasses, but pupils for their presentations, but this accessory can be worn during their free time. Following Jin’s response, some fans asked him to take good care of himself and that they would even have no problem seeing him wear glasses as long as his eyesight improves.

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So far, thousands of ARMY members have shown their moral support for Seokjin after making this important confession. However, the idol will surely not let his problems prevent him from continuing with his music as before. Do you think Jin should wear glasses more often instead of pupil lenses so that her eyesight can improve?


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