BTS’s Jimin Trending on Twitter, Dynamite’s Teaser Photos


BTS singer Jimin became a worldwide trend on Twitter following the release of Dynamite’s teaser photo.

“JIMINS”, a keyword for BTS. Jimin hit the world trends in real time on Twitter shortly after the release of teaser photos for BTS’s upcoming single, Dynamite.

This Monday, BTS released the first set of their teaser photos for their upcoming single Dynamite.

The digital disc is scheduled to be released on August 21. The set consists of seven photos of each member taken individually. The photos were posted on BTS’s official Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Shortly after the release of the teaser photos, the hashtag “JIMINS” was trending in various countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and the Philippines, confirming the excitement of fans to support Jimin and his new single and affirming global popularity. of the BTS singer.

Jimin, BTS’s favorite in networks

Additionally, Jimin’s teaser photo became the fastest among the seven teaser photos to receive 1 million likes on Instagram in about 30 minutes, and then reached 2 million likes in just two hours.

Meanwhile, Jimin’s unique hashtag #JIMIN also reached 12 billion views on Tiktok, the world’s largest video sharing app, as of August 10. It is the second most viewed hashtag by a Korean artist and Jimin is the third person whose hashtag has garnered 12 billion views.

Before that, on August 3, Jimin broke his initial record and surpassed 50 million mentions on Instagram. Jimin is the first and only individual to put such a record on the books.

As his previous record says, Jimin owns the most used hashtag on Instagram, beating out world famous personalities like former US President Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

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