BTS’s Jimin tops August’s Most Valuable Idols list


BTS’s Jimin took second place on the list of the most valuable music idols in South Korea, and the rest of the members appear behind him on the list.

BTS’s Jimin ranked second on the list of all idols in terms of their brand value in the past month, according to the latest post from the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation. 199,529,553 pieces of data were examined from July 29 to August 29.

Jimin was not the only member of BTS to appear on the list, as Kang Daniel immediately followed in third place on the list, V in fourth place, Jungkook in fifth, Suga in seventh place, and RM in eighth place.

As this ranking shows, Jimin and the rest of the guys from the most popular K-Pop band of the moment are at the highest point of their careers, preparing for their presentation tomorrow (August 31) on MTV Video Music Awards.

Jimin and BTS on their way to the MTV VMAs

On Friday, the band shared individual photos of the members during rehearsals for their upcoming live performance at the event via their Instagram stories.

In particular, Jimin was photographed stretching his toes a bit, all smiles and looking perfectly happy. Jimin, as a fashion influencer that he is, wore casual and comfortable yet fashionable clothes during rehearsal.

The “Good Boy” is not Jimin’s first t-shirt to promote goodness and righteousness. Previously, Jimin wore T-shirts that said “Be a good human.” One of these, he wore it while communicating with his fans through a live stream. Like most recently, he wore another which is the orange shirt that he flaunted while leaving the venue for BTS’s Bang Bang Con The Live concert.

In fact, Jimin was praised on Saturday by Sari Setiogi Griberg, Head of Social Media and Media Monitoring at the World Health Organization (WHO), for wearing a mask during his dance rehearsals.

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Ms. Griberg posted the photo from Jimin’s Instagram Stories, which shows the singer concentrated during rehearsals for his live performance of the MTV Video Music Awards on August 31. Jimin wears a face mask which is very imperative during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Along with Jimin’s photo, Griberg also posted a cartoon that reads, “Superheroes save lives. You can do the same. Wear a mask! “


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